Acne Vs Oily Skin

ACNE is the most common skin condition, often presumed that the presence of acne is indicative of oily skin “While it’s true that excess sebum production can contribute to the development of acne, you can be acne prone without having oily skin.” In fact, all skin types from dry to oily can develop acne. While you might be more prone to acne if you have oily skin, breakouts aren’t a given. “You may have a clear complexion with oily skin, if the skin’s pores are able to lubricate the surface of the skin without becoming clogged. It’s when the sebum becomes trapped within the pores, inflamed, and irritated, that acne forms. Additionally, factors like an improper skincare routine, the environment, your hormones, diet, and stress levels can all contribute to acne. The why may be different, but the common thread is how it develops. Acne occurs when the sebaceous follicles of your skin become plugged with a build-up of sebum, oil, and debris. The natural bacteria that normally lives on the skin then multiplies rapidly and causes the inflammation and irritation associated with acne.

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