Skin Health Tips

Exercise regularly Running, Jogging and Yoga will give your body the necessary blood circulation, and also accelerate the cleansing process of your entire body.

Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. If you don't get enough shut eye, your skin gets tired just like you - it sags and you get bags. So don't risk it. You can also apply honey on your face twice or thrice a week to naturally soothe and heal your skin.

Double cleansing the Skin helps remove Impurities and Debris from your Skin.

Drink lots of water daily, at least 8 glasses if not more. Also, eats fruits and vegetables that have a high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, orange, strawberry, grapefruit and cantaloupe. Smoothies Can be Included in your Diet.

It’s no secret that antioxidants are skin care superstars. But, what do they really do? In short: Antioxidants neutralize and protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals are unstable and highly reactive molecules that come from a variety of sources, including air pollutants, chemicals, UV rays and cigarette smoke. These atoms are missing an electron and, in an effort to stabilize, seek out other molecules to bind to. If this continues to happen, it triggers oxidative stress which plays a role in premature aging of the skin. Vitamin A is a great way to start protecting your Skin.

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The symptoms are the same signs of sensitive skin: Thin skin Texture with a translucid appearance. A feeling of tightness, which can indicate dehydration and lead to skin reactions from products.